SlackSnippet is an open source self hosted slack based tool to quickly save and access snippets / text.

Stack: Ruby, Sinatra.


Similar-Startup is a ruby script that accepts a startup name as it's argument and returns a similar startup. Uses AngelList API.

Stack: Ruby.


An open source self hosted app to store and access APIs dynamically. A minimal alternative to Parse.

Stack: Ruby, Rails API.

Startwriting in an online journal that lets user's entries to be saved directly to their dropbox.

Stack: Ruby, Rails, Bootstrap.

Discover a Startup

Discover Random startup when requested. Uses AngelList api.

Stack: React.


A slack bot that posts one inspirations quote a day to the slack group of preference.

Stack: Ruby.


adjourn is a simple journal writing tool to use locally.

Stack: NodeJS.


Cram is an api that given a movie will respond the movie's ratings on different sites.

Stack: Golang.


A Golang library that helps consume data from the movie rating site metacritic.

Stack: Golang.


An API that gives one random HN submission when requested.

Stack: Golang.

Movie Suggester

A simple movie suggester that suggests movies based on the filters.(dicontinued..)

Stack: Python, Flask, Bootstrap.